Fort of São Francisco Xavier - "Cheese Castle"

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Fort of São Francisco Xavier - "Cheese Castle"


A massive coastal fortress with a massive arched entrance and topped by the Portuguese coat of arms. It was surrounded by a moat and the gate had a port of drawable access. According to tradition at the place where it was built, there was a large round-shaped stone, similar to a cheese. Because it was settled on such a rock, the name it always had was born.

It was built at the expense of the city of Oporto during the War of the Restoration possibly, by the years 1661 or 1662. In 1751 is endowed with a private chaplain for assistance to the military there highlighted. During the siege of the city of Porto was occupied by the forces of Miguel, despite the insistent bombardment of the batteries of light and the liberal ships. After the journey of Lordelo was abandoned and looted being in 1839 delivered to the guard of the company of Veterans.

In 1846, during the Revolt of the Maria da Fonte and having been occupied by the troops of the Junta do Porto, was fired by the frigate "Iris", faithful to the government of D. Maria II. In 1890, it was left to the Fiscal Guard which remained there until 1910. If you like those replica watches very much, you can contact us.

In 1949 he was assigned to the Nucleus of the Naval Brigade of the Portuguese Legion of Porto, which was installed there until 25 April. At the moment it is in the guard of the Association of Commands.


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