5 top things to do with kids in Porto

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5 top things to do with kids in Porto

Travelling with children can be a difficult task and that’s why we decided to create the ultimate list with five museums in Porto where fun is guaranteed for both parents and children!

World of discoveries

This is not only a museum but also a theme park where the little ones can have a multisensory experience about the fantastic odyssey of Portuguese navigators during the time of the discoveries! It is located in the area of ​​the Douro River so, after visiting the museum, there is always the opportunity to stroll along the river and eat an ice cream! You can always take bus number 500 or tram number 1 to get to Matosinhos, famous for its fresh fish right in front of the sea.

Average visit time: 45 minutes

Prices: 0-3: free; 4 - 12: 9€; Adult: 15€; Students and seniors (+65): 12€;


Santo Inácio’s Zoo

It is the greenest and largest zoological park in the north of the country and perfect to occupy an entire day. It is possible to have lunch on site or take some good Portuguese snacks and eat there. For those who do not have their own car, it is possible to use Kapten and with the code “zooinacio” to have a 50% discount (up to 3 €) on the first two trips. The trip from the city center takes approximately 20 minutes.

Prices: Up to 2 years old: free; 3 - 12 years old: 10,5€; 13 - 64 years old: 15,9€; 65 <: 14,5€;


Water pavilion

Right in the City Park of Porto, the only park in Europe with a seafront, this museum is dedicated to understanding the water cycle in an interactive and different way! From composing music, viewing images in three dimensions and even participating in laboratory experiments, anything is possible! It is a great activity for a sunny morning/afternoon in the city of Matosinhos. You can find all kinds of replica watches for women and men. As already mentioned, there are plenty of restaurants to enjoy good grilled fish or seafood and to get there just use the metro or one of the several buses that pass nearby.

Prices: Adults: 8€; Up to 4 years old: free; 4 to 12 years old: 5€; Students and seniors: 6€;


Biodiversity Gallery: Centro de ciência viva

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Included in Porto’s Botanical Garden, the Biodiversity Gallery is a different way to entertain the little ones. Listening to the heart of a whale, seeing in front of you all the dog breeds that exist in the world and seeing through the bee’s eyes are some of the experiences that can be lived here. They can be part of a different afternoon as they are close to Casa da Música (The house of music - where there are also shows for children) and a good escape from the monotony of sunday in the city of Porto. If you are looking for a place to eat nearby, the Bom Sucesso market is an excellent option .

Prices: 0-4: free; 5 - 17: 2,5€; Adult: 5€; Students and seniors (+65): 2,5€;



Home to 3000 sea creatures, belonging to more than one hundred different species, in 31 aquariums, the Sealife is located in the city of Matosinhos and is a great option to spend a different morning with the little ones. It can and should be combined with the Water Pavilion and the City Park for a different day, away from the crowds that fill the city of Porto.

Prices: Up to 3 years old: free; 3 - 12: 8,55€ (online) or 9,5€ (bought on site); 12 - adults: 12,15€ (online) or 13,95€ (bought on site) - basic tickets. There are other types of tickets that can be consulted at their website.



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