Douro Valley Tours

Let yourself be enchanted by the Douro Valley, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, for many, one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world.
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Douro Valley Tour: Wine Tastings, Boat Trip & Lunch

With pickup and drop off at your hotel or accommodation, our transportation will be in a minivan of up to 8 seats. Small groups, up to 8 people, will give you a better, more personalized and cozy experience.

The tour begins with a visit to a Port wine producer of a reputable brand: Croft - Quinta da Roêda. There will be a personalized guided tour of the vineyards ending in the lagares room where the whole process of making the famous Port wine will be explained. The Port wine tasting will be accompanied by a careful selection of Portuguese cheeses.

Then we will make a short trip to the village of Pinhão where we will embark on a 1 hour boat ride. The tour will serve to relax in the calm waters of the Douro River while we can contemplate the landscape and nature of the Douro Valley.

Lunch will be served in a typical Portuguese restaurant and will be given the choice of meat, fish or vegetarian. Everything is included in the price.

After lunch time to visit a small table wine producer. The visit will be private to the group where the guide will give more importance in explaining the difference between entry level and premium wines and the different between the techniques of winemaking. The visit ends with an olive oil tasting.

We will not be able to finish the tour without giving you the best panoramic views of the Douro Valley, so upon our return we will choose a scenic road where we can stop to take the best picture of your trip.

We hope you will come with us on this adventure and we will be waiting for you.



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Douro Valley Private Tour (Up to 8 People)

This tour is private and takes us to know the history that helped the central connection between Porto and the Douro region.

Between telling the history of the region and a boat trip we will let Douro authenticity and friendliness lead your eyes. This is the ideal trip for lovers of photography, built heritage, wines and good cuisine.

After a visit to a Port wine production farm, where we will taste the famous wine from the region, there is a 1-hour mini-cruise on the Douro River in a typical vessel called “barco rabelo”.

Lunch will be served in a regional restaurant in the village of Pinhão before contemplating one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Portugal: Casal de Loivos.

To finish off in the best way we visit a small production farm with table wines, olive oil and honey. Here you can feel the passion of the people of the Douro Valley and the pride they feel of their traditions.

Surrender to the beauty of this World Heritage Site, considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Discover a welcoming region of unique and overwhelming beauty, full of history and flavors.



240€ /Person

Customizable Douro Valley Tour (Up to 4 People)

Welcome to a world of limitless possibilities in the heart of the Douro Valley, where your dreams and desires shape an extraordinary private tour. Immerse yourself in a journey crafted exclusively for you, where every detail reflects your preferences and passions.
As you venture into this UNESCO-listed landscape, a tapestry of experiences unfolds before you.
Are you a wine enthusiast? Let us curate an exclusive itinerary of tastings at prestigious wineries, each sip telling the story of the terroir and the artistry of the winemakers. Traverse terraced vineyards, witness the meticulous grape cultivation, and learn the secrets of Port wine production from local experts.
Immerse yourself in the charming town of Amarante, Portugal, as you embark on a delightful activity that blends the flavors of Vinho Verde, succulent presunto, and exquisite cheese. Nestled amidst lush vineyards and historic architecture, this experience offers a unique opportunity to explore the rich culinary traditions of the region while savoring its finest offerings.
Perhaps your spirit seeks cultural immersion. Stroll through charming villages that seem to have defied time itself. Engage with the warm-hearted locals, unveiling the traditions and stories that have shaped generations. Explore historic sites, from medieval monasteries to grand estates, each revealing a chapter of the Douro's rich history.
The canvas of the Douro Valley is vast and diverse, offering you the chance to capture stunning vistas at every turn. Whether you're drawn to panoramic viewpoints that take your breath away or the tranquil embrace of the meandering Douro River, our flexible tour allows you to pause and absorb the beauty around you.
Savor a gourmet lunch at a local restaurant, a culinary journey that complements the wines you've tasted, further enriching your understanding of the region's flavors. Your experienced guide is not just a source of information; they're your companion on this voyage, ensuring every moment exceeds your expectations.
Communication transcends language barriers as your guide's expertise and your curiosity unite. Feel the warmth of a shared connection, a bridge between cultures and perspectives.
Your Douro Valley expedition is more than a tour; it's an invitation to create memories that linger. It's the chance to design an experience that resonates deeply with you, a symphony of moments orchestrated to your desires.
Get ready to embark on a journey where your imagination sets the course and the Douro Valley is your playground. Let's begin crafting your one-of-a-kind adventure today.

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