10 Frequently asked questions about the functionality of our tours

1. Should I take a mask or any other personal protective equipment with me for a tour?

Portugal Excellence Tours will provide all participants in its activities with disposable face protection masks. If the customer so wishes, he can bring his mask with him or any other personal protective equipment.

2. What precautions should I take when carrying out each activity?

Before the start of each tour, the tour guide who will accompany you throughout the tour will give a brief explanation of how the tour will take place and all the activities included in it.

3. Is the use of a protective mask mandatory?

There may be an obligation to use a mask inside any public interior space.

4. The activity has lunch included. What is the health care of the restaurant?

All restaurants registered with us have the hygiene and sanitary control standards certified by Turismo de Portugal, in accordance with the standards of the General Directorate of Health.

5. Should I bring alcohol gel or another alcohol-based solution to clean my hands?

Portugal Excellence Tours will make available to all participants in the activities an alcohol-based antiseptic solution without any restrictions.

6. I take a child with me on the tour, should I be especially careful with him?

Children participating in activities must always be accompanied by an adult. The care to be taken with children will be the same, and children up to 6 years of age will not be obliged to wear a mask.

7. If I become ill or unwell during my vacation, should I inform and cancel the activity?

In case of any manifestation of fever or other symptom normally associated with infection by COVID-19, you must immediately inform the health authorities through the SNS24 number 808 24 24 24, and proceed with the cancellation of the tour without any penalty on the refund.

8. How will the vehicle that will transport us be cleaned?

At the end of each tour, our team will sanitize and disinfest the vehicle used to transport our customers. Cleaning and hygiene products will be used, carefully selected and recommended by health authorities

9. I am concerned about group activities. How will social distance be maintained?

Priorities will be given to outdoor activities thus respecting the recommended social distance. In the event of having to resort to closed spaces, they will respect the standards of ventilation and ventilation suitable for the proper functioning of the activities and well-being of customers.

10. If someone becomes ill during the activity, what happens?

During the tour, the guide will monitor the customers in order to detect any signs of discomfort or symptoms. In case of any suspicion of COVID-19 infection, the tour will be automatically stopped and the isolation and evacuation procedures will be initiated to a safe place.
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